Tom Brady Retirement Talk.

Tom Brady has been a household name for roughly the last 15 years, but he didn’t get to the top of the sports world until he was in his early thirties. He played quarterback at the University of Michigan and went on to win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots back in 2004.

In 2014, Brady announced that he was retiring after ten seasons. The former MVP was known for his uncanny accuracy, strong arm and leadership on the field. His post-retirement career took off when he starred as a commentator on Fox’s Sunday night NFL show “Sunday Night Football.” Before retirement, Tom Brady had been a four-time league MVP who also won two Super Bowls.

While his career has been spectacular, it’s also been plagued with injuries.He suffered a total of 51 surgeries on his body and head. He has played through various ailments, including tendonitis, rotator cuff issues, an ACL tear, broken ribs, shoulder surgery, torn biceps tendon, and chronic headaches.

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